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Dive Shipwreck Park

Price 5 Days
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Dive Shipwreck Park

per person

Presented by Insider Excursions, Pompano! Magazine, Point! Publishing and Shipwreck Park

Hosted by The Sands Harbor Resort & Marina, Pompano Beach Dive Center, South Florida Diving Headquarters & SeaBob Underwater Scooters

Dive Shipwreck Park with Influencers, Professional Underwater Photographers and Dive Record Holder, Neal Watson

Shipwreck Park is an underwater park consisting of a series of 16 different shipwrecks, underwater art displays, coral reefs and artificial reefs designed to stimulate the local marine ecosystem and provide divers with amazing underwater experiences. Shipwreck Park is a nonprofit organization on a mission to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our natural coral reef system.

The centerpiece of Shipwreck Park is Lady Luck — a 324-foot tanker vessel called the Newton Creek which was sunk July 23, 2016. Before sinking the vessel, casino-themed artwork was installed on the ship, including card-sharks and a showgirl octopus. Divers can take pictures with the “casino staff” statues underwater. The Lady Luck project was sponsored by Isle Casino.

Another highlight to Shipwreck Park is the Okinawa — a 107-foot by 26-foot army tug boat which, before it was sunk, was adorned with artwork by sculptor Dennis McDonald. The theme is a whimsical dive bar called the Midnight Sun. The name was chosen by Finlandia Vodka as the sinking project’s largest sponsor. The dive bar includes sea creatures and a magical mermaid holding a “Gazing Globe” that lets you see your reflection. Divers can also penetrate the opening in front of the wheelhouse, swim into the engine room and up and out through the dive bar.

Several other sunken vessels are especially notable, including: the Guy Harvey — a 185-foot by 30-foot wide ship with murals painted by world renowned wildlife artist Guy Harvey; the Captain Dan — a 175-foot long coast guard tender known for attracting large barracuda, grouper, amberjack and whale sharks; and the Union Express, a 170-foot long Dutch coastal freighter which lays portside in two pieces.

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  • Dress Code
    Diving gear will be provided to all those who want to dive the wrecks.
  • Included
    Personal Guide
Day 1: J.A.Y. Depth Photography Art Gallery Exhibition
Art Gallery showing of underwater photography by J.A.Y. Depth Photography at the Pompano Cultural Center
Day 2: Tourism Symposium
Presented by Pompano! Magazine Location: TBA
Day 3: Lunch with Rex Hardin, Mayor of Pompano Beach
Hosted by our President, Richard Rosser, to discuss the diving industry with the city mayor.   Location: TBA
Day 4: Diving Shipwreck Park
Dive the Okinawa wreck of Shipwreck Park and participate in an underwater photoshoot with Professional photographer, J.A.Y. Depth Photography. An exclusive dinner will follow at Papa's Raw Bar. Eat, drink and be local!  
Day 5: Diving Shipwreck Park
Dive the Lady Luck wreck of Shipwreck Park and participate in an underwater photoshoot with Professional photographer, J.A.Y. Depth Photography.  

Tour Location

Sands Harbor Resort and Marina