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Insider Excursions is a media travel company that organizes trips with other media professionals and social media influencers to collaborate on content creation around the globe. We create behind-the-scenes insider excursions to inspiring destinations where we explore, collaborate and create content together. Then, we feature the content produced from our excursion in our three South Florida magazines (Pompano!, Lighthouse Point and Deerfield Beach!), online and on our social channels. Our collaborators on the trip publish the content on their own media channels. Our philosophy is that together, we make more powerful, engaging content with a larger distribution that makes our story sources proud. As travel enthusiasts and creative talent, we believe our sum is greater than our parts. Plus, we have more fun traveling together.

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Our mission is to find and share the stories that will resonate with our audiences, the people we live and work with, but also connect worldwide. Travel, dining, art, business opportunities and cultural exploration are all important to many of our sophisticated and affluent readers.
Insider Excursions is powered by the Point! Publishing team of media professionals, but attracts and collaborates with the broader travel industry.

Our Audience

Local, regional via digital, national via social, influencers internationally

Our Print Publications

Insider Excursions Travel Guide, Lighthouse Point Magazine, Pompano! Magazine, Deerfield Beach! Magazine, Deerfield Beach Visitor Guide, Pompano Visitor Guide

Our Digital Channels,,,, Coastal Newsletter, 7 Instagram Brands, 8 Facebook Pages


Our Productions
  1. Feature stories in print & digital
  2. Hotel, restaurant and tour reviews – print, digital & social
  3. Print and digital advertising
  4. Photography
  5. Videography
  6. Travel writing
  7. Custom publications, in-house magazines
  8. Influencer recruitment and management