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Bangladesh: the land of beauty 2022

Price $2500 5 Days

Bangladesh: The Land Of Beauty 2022

$2500 / per person

Five Days | Four Nights, Dates To Be Confirmed in Early August of 2022

Departing your city on a Thursday, Returning on Sunday afternoon.

Cost: $2,000 – $2,500 per person, double occupancy (exact cost based on group requirements)


Bangladesh is a land of “Natural Beauty”. It is the blessed child of nature. It’s area is 1,47,570 sq. km. The North, The west and the most part of the east are surrounded by India, the southeast part of the east is attached with Myanmar and The Bay of Bengal is to the south. It is situated in the temperate zone of the world. Being a revering country, her rivers present different scenes at different times. Especially the rivers in the rainy season present an unbroken view of a variety of sights, which amuses our eyes. Again the long Sea-beach of the Bay of Bengal at Cox’s bazaar is worth seeing.

In Bangladesh, six seasons with their distinctive robes come in procession, play and depart. Through there is intense heat in summer, there are the gifts of delicious fruits. Though there are floods during the rainy season. It is the season that blesses us with greenery, in autumn there is the game of hiding and seeks among the clouds, the blue sky and enchanting moonlight at night. In winter fields full of winter crops and golden paddy, ready for reaping, present a panoramic view. In spring Bangladesh seems to be a box of flowers whence sweet fragrance comes out.  Numerous trees of different sizes have enhanced the beauty of the country. Fruits and flowers are special gifts here. They have added beauty to the country offering their varied colors, sweet smell, and charm. Each of her natural regions such as Rangamati, Khagrachori, Kaptai, Sylhet, Moinamati, Sundarbans, the St. Martins Island, etc. are blessed with the most enchanting natural beauty. The scenery of these places is so charming and attractive that there is always a rush of tourism and visitors in these places from home and aboard throughout the year.

In Bangladesh, everybody has to admit that it is a matchless beauty spot in the world. Everybody exclaims in joy and wonder at the unforgettable and unimaginable beauty of this land. Onlookers are immersed in the fathomless depth of the ocean of beauty. Every season in Bangladesh is been decorated by different natural beauties. To me, Bangladesh is the most beautiful country in the world. I love my country very much.


Pavel lives, works, and loves his beloved Bangladesh but especially, his home, Chittagong. He works full-time as the Web Developer For Points Publication, but has connected with Insider Excursions to provide bespoke tours for elite travelers and travel groups.

Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa is located on Inani beach, Cox’s Bazar with lush green hills rise from the east and endless sea stretching on the west, the resort offers panoramic visuals of Bay of Bengal. Nestled in the heart of nature along the world’s longest natural sandy beach, the resort is spread over 15 acres, located 40 minutes away from the hustle of the Cox’s Bazar city with easy accessibility to all the major tourist.


Apart from luxurious rooms & suites and two swimming pools (one exclusively for ladies) the resort boasts of a plethora of indoor & outdoor activities for both adults and kids which include an internationally acclaimed water park, tennis & badminton courts, 3D movie hall, billiards, amphitheater, a luxurious spa and a well-appointed gym.

DAY ONE | Day tour to experience the key sights, attractions, and activities in New and Old Dhaka on an air-con car, including the entrance tickets, food, rickshaw & boat ride

Experience the life and sights of the live and vibrant Dhaka City. Visit the key attractions of both the New and Old Dhaka , including the National Assembly Building, Lalbagh Fort, Ahsan Manzil, Star Mosque, Armenian Church, and Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque. Experience the hustle and bustle of Old Dhaka by walking and riding a rickshaw on its backstreets. Enjoy the busy activities of Sadarghat waterfront on a rowing boat. Have an ultimate experience of the best of what Dhaka City has to offer on our Old Dhaka Tour.

In this Tour, we’ll show you most of the famous tourist sights and attractions in New and Old Dhaka, as suggested in popular guide books like Bradt and LonelyPlanet, and beyond their recommendations. If you are visiting Bangladesh for the first time, Old Dhaka Tour is the first tour you should book to experience Dhaka city’s life, sights, and activities. Old Dhaka Tour is our most popular day tour covering a large number of sights and activities to provide you an authentic experience and taste of Dhaka city, especially Old Dhaka.

Beauty Of Old Dhaka

Food Of Old Dhaka

View Of Old Dhaka

DAY two | Day tour to experience the key sights, attractions, and activities in Sonargaon Museum Complex, Panam City Sonargaon, and Beauty On Both sides of the road on the way to Cox's Bazar

Sonargaon Museum Complex

The complex includes a museum of Arts and Crafts, a park with a lake and a few buildings with a colonial architecture. You can see different elements of ancient and medieval daily-life in the museum: utensils, agriculture instruments, pottery. At the same time, there are also musical instruments, paintings, fabrics, handicraft items.

Though it is interesting to know more about the culture of the nation through its arts & crafts, I wish there was more information on what I’m looking at. Out of all museums I’ve visited, I found the State Museum in Dhaka the most valuable on the level of information about Bangladesh.

The park has been transformed into the picnic spot for families and despite peaceful atmosphere, it is unfortunately dirty. If you decide to make a lunch-meet-up in the territory of the complex, please use the dustbins in the area to clean the garbage. Overall the area is very relaxing and green. You can do boating at the lake or take a few fun rides at the attractions.

Panam City Sonargaon

Panam city or Panam Nagar is another big attraction in Sonargaon and, to be honest, I found it the most interesting place to explore. Panam Nagar is a ghost city that was abandoned by Hindu merchants a century back. In the 19th century, it used to be a popular trading center of fabrics.

Nevertheless, after British left the subcontinent, there were riots and all the territories were divided based on the religious factor. Sonargaon fell into the Muslim majority part, hence it became part of East Pakistan that time. Many Hindu families migrated leaving their homes and businesses behind.

The Government regained the control over Panam Nagar only a few years back. Today Panam City is a protected site by the Department of Archaeology in Bangladesh. Before, there were homeless people, who used to stay in some of the buildings. Now they plan to restore the town little by little to transform it into a properly protected heritage site. Nowadays, Panam Nagar also serves as a place for movie and other creative shoots due to its unique ambiance. Panam Nagar is just 10 min walking distance from the Museum Complex. You can also take an e-rickshaw for 20 INR if you don’t feel like walking.

Beauty Of Sonargaon & Panam City

View of Panam City and Sonargaon Museum

DAY Three | LIVE EXPERIENCE of Cox’s Bazar Via Aquaholic Tourist Caravan

As the longest sea beach in the world, Cox’s Bazar is considered the most popular tourist destination in Bangladesh. Do you know Cox’s Bazar is familiar as the tourist capital of Bangladesh? Yes! If you consider blue water beauty, accommodation solution, security, and fresh seafood, this natural sandy sea beach is the most amazing place to travel again and again. Not to mention, every time you visit the Cox’s Bazar you will feel the unforgettable majestic view.

To point out, the City was named with the British captain Hiram Cox. As a matter of fact, it is 150km away from Chittagong city. In like manner, the length of this unbroken sandy beach is 120km and it is the most enjoying place for watching the sunset closely. Equally important, the local food is very delicious, especially those who loves seafood. That is to say, you can take a bath, swim as well as play the games on the beach without any fair with your friends and families, as the beach area is the Shark free zone. In one word, it is the coolest place for enjoying your holidays or a yearly vacation. The most attractive places in Cox’s Bazar are Ramu, Laboni Beach, Enani beach, Himchari and many more.

Which beach area Travel Mate will cover in this packaged tour?

1. Laboni Beach

Laboni Beach is the heart of Cox’s Bazar tourist attraction. Notably, it is approximately 15km long in the Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazila . The beach is also popular for its sandy area. From Cox’s Bazar town, you will get the Laboni Beach first. significantly, you will find a lot of shops for buying beach accessories and souvenirs. At night the beach is fully secured for adding extra tourist police here. For this reason, you can move and sit at night to watch the moonlit night or feeling the beauty of the Bay of Bengal.

2. Inani beach

Inani Beach which is located in Ukhia Upazilla, Cox’s Bazar and it is 35km south from the district. It is the best beach in Cox’s Bazar for those who want to stay in a calm environment. Because the tourists mostly gather in Laboni Beach. The beach is famous for clear blue water and stony areas. In fact, it is ideal who want to explore the sea and want to see the sunset.

3. Himchari

Himchari- the place where you will find the amazing waterfalls, 18km south from Cox’s Bazar district. Another key point, when you will visit Himchari, the roadside is very attractive as it goes to the side of the Bay of Bengal and hills on the other side.

Beaty of Cox's Bazar

Aquaholic Tourist Caravan

DAY four | LIVE EXPERIENCE WITH Parasailing, Radiant Fish World, AND view of Moheshkhali in Cox’s Bazar

Parasailing in Cox’s Bazar

Parasailing is one of the trilling beach activities available in Cox’s Bazar. If you want to experience parasailing while visting Cox’s Bazar, you need to go near Himchari. The exact location of parasailing is Darianagar, Himchari. FunFest is the authority of this parasailing in Bangladesh. They have other activity such as Land Sailing, Land Parasailing, Banana Boat, Zorb Ball, Beach Beds, Football, Volleyball etc.

There are two types of parasailing they are offering: Fun Parasailing and Super Fun Parasailing. The difference between Fun Parasailing and Super Fun Parasailing is that in Super Fun Parasailing the run time of parasailing is longer and you will get to touch the Sea Water.

Radiant Fish World, Cox’s Bazar

Radiant Fish World is Bangladesh’s first sea aquarium that is located in Cox’s Bazar. If you take a visit in here, you will be witnessed live sea fish, sea creatures around you. There are about 100 different types of fishes and water creatures such as rupchanda, crabs, turtles, piranha, starfish, jellyfish etc. There is also a fish museum that will introduce you the world under the sea. It will take up to two hours to take the journey of this aquarium.

There are also 3D and 9D movie theaters, live fish restaurant, mini zoo, kids game zone, souvenir shop, party center, prayer room etc.

Moheshkhali Island

Moheshkhali is a wonderful island in the Bay of Bengal in the north-western side of Cox’s Bazar. It is another attraction for the tourists who go to Cox’s Bazaar.Moheshkhali island is Surrounded with forested hills and some mangrove trees alongside the coastal beach. It’s total area is 262 squre kilometers. Through the center of the island and along the eastern coastline rises, a range of low hills, but the coast to the north and west is a low-lying treat, environed by mangrove jungle. There are a Buddhist temple and a shrine of Adinath on the hill. You will observe here hilly areas,mangrove forests, salt field etcetera. You can go easily to Moheshkhali from Cox’s Bazar. You need to take a Rickshaw from cox’s Bazar go to Ghat no 6, From 6 no. Ghat you can go to this Island by local motorboat or by speedboat.
It takes 1 hour by trawler and 1/2 hour by speedboat. Moheshkhali island is well-nown for Buddhist Temple and the ancient Adinath Temple. You can enjoy a full day here if you Settle up to visit Sonadia and some other Islands. In the morning you can your journey for Moheskhali, pass time to visit the places, take lunch there and on return you can visit Sonadia and other nearby Islands. where you can sea the fishing & lifestyle of fishermen. By the afternoon you can come back to Cox’s Bazaar. Moheshkhali is abeautiful place for visit. Many tourist come visit Moheshkhali every year.

Parasailing At Cox's Bazar

Radiant Fish World

Beauty Of Moheshkhali


One of the typical foods most welcomed by locals and visitors is the popular “Panta-Elish & Mezbani Khabar”, and in the renowned “Mezzan Haili Aiyun” Restaurant of the Chittagong City, they have the best. Thus we begin our 5th day of tour in the fantastic Chittagong city. Then we will take a walk through the Rural Area of the city. Many travelers say that you don’t really know a city; if you don’t visit their market. so we will learn about the daily dynamics that are experienced in the Local Market. We will also be able to delight ourselves there with delicious recipes that have passed from generation to generation.

After a local gastronomic experience, we will return to the hotel where we will do a quick recharge of energy, and then continue with the rest of the afternoon, as we will have a glamorous shopping tour. We will visit the shops of the most recognized fashion designers in the city.  And for a complete shopping experience, we will visit a small gallery of very chic artisans.

Then we will stop by for a delicious Bangladeshi coffee in a small place full of charm. So we say goodbye to this magical adventure of fantasies, experiences, and exceptional flavors. Until next time!